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The 6 Types Of Dead Guys You Find Wedged In The Gears Of Your Bulldozer

Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/article/6-types-dead-guys-you-find-wedged-gears-your-bulld-5730

Tiny Dog Is Terrified When Vet Tries To Trim Her Nails On TV, Then She Tries To Wriggle Away

When it comes time to trim your dog’s nails, it can be a nerve-wracking experience for the both of you. I know I’ve never been brave enough to do it for my pup, always ...

Samsung to sell ‘refurbished’ Galaxy Note 7 phones

Company trying to manage stockpile of four million handsets that were recalled after battery explosions Samsung has announced it will refurbish and sell some of the millions of batteries ...

The Guardian view on Trump and Obamacare: a welcome failure for a damaging plan | Editorial

Editorial: In spite of controlling the White House and both wings of Congress, the Republicans allowed ideological obsessions to derail a plan they have been trumpeting for years President ...

Shrinking Arctic sea ice threatens the majestic Beluga whale

The Arctic sea ice hosts algae, which sustain a food chain up to the beluga whale. But the ice is decreasing and in summers, it may be gone entirely by 2050 The International Union ...

The storm chasers hunting bolts in Australia’s Top End

Our photographer hits the road with seasoned storm chasers in the Northern Territory to track down some of the regions famous lightning storms Im standing on a dirt track somewhere ...

Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity he is ‘bad for America’

Veteran newsman criticised Fox News host during interview about fake news and the polarisation of the US Veteran newsman Ted Koppel has told Fox News commentator Sean Hannity that ...

Here’s why Elon Musk called himself a ‘dumb idiot’ in latest tweetstorm

We saw a number of updates from Tesladuring the past few days as Elon Musk couldnt seem to get himself to put down the keyboard and step back from Twitter. Progress on the Model 3 ...

This app might just stop you from drunk texting your ex

Days before I began myfreshman year of college, my high school boyfriend of two years dumped me. He was my first long-term relationship, and the split was completely sudden and soul-crushing, ...

He Dabs Raw Steak With A Paper Towel, Then It Hits The Pan And Makes The Perfect Sound

Have you ever tried to cook a perfect cut of steak at home, and hadit end up tasting dry or just plain wrong? You aren’t alone. You’d think that you could just plop the ...


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